How is your mulch made?

Our mulch is 100% recycled material. Our demolition company prides itself on re-using much of the buildings that we demolish with very little material ending up in the landfill. When we tear down a building, we separate the interior wood, which is then ground up for mulch. Once it is ground, it is left outside in the elements to age. At the beginning of the season it is ground again to become our finished product.

What grades of mulch do you carry?

We primarily offer double ground mulch that contains pieces of wood that are 1” and smaller. We do occasionally sell single ground mulch to those who need to cover a large area and are more concerned with weed control rather than an attractive finish.

What is dyed mulch?

Recently, dyed mulch has become a popular design alternative. A dye is added to light colored wood to give it an aged look or to serve as an accent color to match a landscaping theme. We do not carry dyed mulch.

How much mulch do I need?

One cubic yard of mulch, if spread 3” deep, will cover a 100 square foot area.

What is the difference between a scoop and a yard?

Some companies sell mulch per scoop while others sell it per yard. This becomes a problem when comparison shopping. The amount you receive varies depending on the size of the bucket that they are scooping with. If someone is selling by the scoop ask them how many scoops would make up 1 yard … this will help compare.

We just cut down a tree, can you take the wood?

Unfortunately, no. This requires a special permit that we do not have. As an alternative, contact your township office.

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